Best Neuro surgeons

Meet the Team

Our physicians are experienced and capable of treating a wide range of conditions - even the most complex ones. One of the factors that makes our practice unique, however, is the depth of knowledge and expertise that we put to work for you, the patient.

  • Dr. Ramakrishna Easwaran Senior Consultant - Neurosurgery

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  • Dr. Vijay Kumar.S Keyhole Brain and Spine Surgeon

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  • Dr. KotaRamgopal Senior Consultant - Neuroanaesthesia

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  • Dr. Arvind.S Consultant - Neurosurgery

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  • Dr. Aruna Ramani Consultant - Neurology

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  • Dr.M.Shanmugam Consultant - Neurosurgeon / Pain Physician

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  • Dr. Rajarajan.V Neuro Radiology

  • Dr. Kalyana Sundaram.K Orthopaedics

  • Dr. Prasanna.I Facial & Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Ganesh Ophthalmologist

  • Dr. Janakirama.T.N Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

  • Dr. Radhakrishnan.S General Surgery

  • Dr. Ganesh.N Cardiology

  • Dr. Gopalakrishnan Nephrology

  • Dr. Maniya.V Gastroenterology

  • Dr. B.Sweetha Consultant - Psychiatrist

  • Dr. Rajalakshmi Ayurveda

  • Dr. Murugan Arul.S Ayurveda

  • Dr. E. Arthy Pain Physician

  • Dr. Vinod Khanna Neuro Urology