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Neuro Radiology

Patient Resource

  • General Guidelines

      To maximize patient rest, care,safety and infection control we encourage minimum disturbance to patients.

      1. Only 1 person per 1 valid pass is allowed in the patient area.
      2. Please co-Operate with the security for checks as & when necessary.

      Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.


      At Neuro One Hospital, we do not encourage tipping. We request you refrain from giving tips to the staff/employees.

      Area Visiting Hours
      Wards 7 am to 8 am & 5 pm to 7 pm
      ICU 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm
      1. Visitors are encouraged to limit visits to 15 minutes.
      2. Children under 12 years are not permitted due to the high risk of acquiring an infection.
      3. A maximum of two visitors are allowed at any given time
      4. Do not sit or ley on the floors & patient beds
      5. Do not Administer any medicine to the patient

      We provide covered parking facility for patients and relatives on Basement. Parking will be on first come first serve basis.

  • Patient Rights
    • Respect:

      You have the right to be treated with respect regardless of race,religion,disability,nationality,orgin or of source of payment.

      Communication :

      You have the right to seek and receive all information necessary for you to understand your medical condition, clarify your doubts before signing the consents forms.

      Freedom to Choose :

      You have right to choose and change your physician, request for a second opnion, accept or refuse any procedure, drug.

      Privacy & Confidentiality :

      You have the right to privacy, Confidentiality in your treatment & consultation.

      Suggestions & Grievances:

      You have right to make suggestions and express grievances.

      Information on Hospital Bills :

      You have the right to known the expected cost of treatment, receive an explanation of charges regardless of source of payment.

  • Patient Responsibilities
    • Be Honest :

      Provide complete and accurate history of illness ,medications, allergies. Be on time for appointments

      Respect Other Patients :

      Respect other patients medical condition, be considerate of noise levels.

      Active Participation :

      Obtain clarification about your treatment plan, understand all instruction before signing the consent forms.

      Bill Payment :

      You have the responsibility to be prompt about payment of hospital bills.

      Abide by Rules :

      Observe the “Take care of Belongings”, “No smoking “,visiting Hours & numbers”, “No Flowers”, “No Outside Eatables” & other rules of the hospital.

      Feedback :

      You should direct complaints (if any)to the to the floor manager / manager or provide a written feedback so that immediate action will be taken to address your concern.

  • Admission
    • Neuro One Hospital is proud to state that we are a completely paperless facility with complete EMR and HMS with integrated PACS for your convenience and privacy.

      We have a patient login portal where patients can access their medical records, lab reports from their computer or mobile.


      Financial Counsellors are available at the IPD Reception (Ground Floor).They provide You approximate of hospital stay, surgery etc.

      1. 1.On admission, an initial deposit will be collected at the In-patient billing counter at the first floor .
      2. 2.The deposit amount would vary with the room category and the treatment / Surgical procedure.
      3. ** In case of surgery /procedure,100% of the estimated bill payment is necessary for OT Clearance
      4. 3.You will be intimated telephonically, as & when your credit is exhausted.
      5. 4.Periodic billing updates would be provide to on request basis.

      We have 5 types of rooms for patients stay at our hospital.

      1. 1. General Wards
      2. 2. Single rooms
      3. 3. Executive rooms
      4. 4. Deluxe Rooms
      5. 5. Suite Rooms

      1. During hospital stay, no outside medicine/physician’s sample will be allowed.
      2. Self –medication is strictly prohibited.
      3. Opened or used medicine strip or bottle will not be accepted back in the pharmacy.
      1. You will be requested to sign a consent form before you undergo a surgery/procedure.
      2. Consent is two way communication process between you and Doctor.
      3. Please understand the purpose, other options as well as benefits, risk of your treatment and risk involved if treatment is not done before giving your consent picture.
  • Discharge Procedure
      1. The Doctor will decide the discharge date depending upon the patients condition.
      2. The discharge process involves several activities, which can take up to two hours to complete.
      3. Your nurse will inform you when the bill is ready for settlement. For billing assistance call floor manager for assistance.
      4. Bill settlement is to be done on the 1st floor, In-patient Billing Counter.
      5. After bill settlement your ward staff will be informed of the settlement, who will then take care of your discharge process.
      6. Before departure your nurse / doctor will hand over the discharge summary and explain the medication that may need to continue at home.
      Medical Certificates

      Please let us known in advance, if you require a medical certificate-(leave/fitness/fit to fly) as proof of your stay in the hospital.


      We value your opinion. We would appreciate your feedback on our service by filling-in the patient feedback form.


      To avoid delays, while the discharge process is in progress you are requested to make arrangements for your transport home. Please request your nurse if you need ambulance service. Our ambulance will drop you home.

  • Guidelines For Insurance Patients
    • At Neurone Hospital, a dedicated and efficient team at the insurance will assist and guide you to avail hassle free cashless services.

      1. For cashless hospitalization, apply for authorization at least 3 days prior to the date of admission. This gives ample time to process the queries raised by the TPA ( third Party Administrator).
      2. Our TPA Helpdesk will assist you with the pre-authorization procedure.
      1. For admission without prior approval from the TPA, you will have to pay the deposit as any normal case patient at the time of admission.
      2. Apply for cashless authorization within 24hrs after admission.
      3. Only after due authorization, the patient will be considered under cash-less category.
      1. STEP 1 : Establish contact with the TPA Helpdesk. Present your TPA ID Card and collect the Pre – authorization form.
      2. STEP 2 : Your pre-authorization will have three section:
      3. Section A:General details on the health insurance policy-to be filed in by you.
      4. Section B: Details pertaining to the treatment recommended – to be filled in and duly signed by your treating Doctor.
      5. STEP 3 : After the treating doctor has filled the form, submit it at the TAP Cell, along with the enlisted documents.**
      6. STEP 4 : Once the form is complete in all respects, the TPA Helpdesk will mail it to the concerned TPA
      7. STEP 5 : The co-ordinator at the TPA Desk answer to any query / additional information asked by the concerned TPA regarding the treatment of the patient.
      8. STEP 6 :The TPA Helpdesk will revert to you on the approval status.

      TPA usually approves a part of the total estimate called “Initial Sanction”. Please ensure admission within 2-3 days of receiving this sanction. Otherwise the initial will be invalid and the entire process needs to be repeated for approval.

      1. Insurance ID ♦ Any Govt.Photo Proof ♦ Insurance Policy
      2. Previous hospitalization documents/Investing reports ♦ First Consultation paper
      3. Employee ID card if it is TPA group insurance policy/corporate policy

      1. MLC Report ♦ Narration of incident ♦ FIR

      If the bill amount exceeds the authorized limit, the Billing Department will sent a reminder for further enhancement to the TPA.In case, the TPA denies the enhancement of the amount, the patient needs to start making interim payment and settle the bill.


      In case of denial, the patient has to bear the expenses and can go for reimbursement later on.

      1. The consolidate final bill will be processed with the concerned TPA for enchancement. Further approval or reconfirmation of the case will take 3-4hrs.from the time the final bill and discharge summary are processed.
      2. We request you to bear with this delay in the discharge formalities
      3. You will get a photocopy of the discharge summary, bill and reports. Original reports and bill would be sent to the concerned TPA.
      1. The TPA helpdesk is only a facilitator and has no authority to approve/disapprove any request for cashless hospitalization. It neither influence the decision on the approval/denial/partial approval nor takes responsibility/guarantee on approval of the hospitalization expense claim.
      2. The patient must given accurate and consistent history and details to the Doctor while filling the pre-authorization form. In case the claim gets denial due to inconsistent information in pre- authorization and history or treatment papers, the patient has settle the hospital bill.
      3. Hospital stay of least 24hours is mandatory for availing cashless facility as an in-patient.Except for those service those service which come under the category of day care service or of those service for which the TPA/Insurance/Payer waive off minimum 24 hours hospitalization requirement for availing cashless facility.
      4. Some items billed during hospital stay may not be convered under your health insurance policy (non – medical items, room rent and ICU charges exceeding eligibility etc.) These items are not are not payable by the TPA / Insurance, irrespective of approved amount. The patient needs to bear the expenditure of such items.
      5. Pre-authorization by the TPA /Insurance does not automatically guarantee that the final bill is approved.Theire is a possibility of denial of authorization at any point during hospital stay. In such cases, the patient needs to settle the bill in full.
      6. Turnaround time for initial approval would be 4-5 hours and 3-4 hours for final approval.However the aforesaid turnaround time is likely to vary from one TPA Insurance to other and during weekdays& holidays.
  • Diet
    • Home food is strictly not allowed for the patients. The hospital serves well balanced meals.

      1. All the patients, relatives and attendants will be served food from our inhouse kitchen. Patient food will be based on dietician’s advice, whereas the attendants are free to order from the menu as per their choice. We encourage attendants to have food in the cafeteria on the top floor. We also serve food in the room for attendants.
      2. Attendants can use the dining area on the attendant’s room in the first floor for dining purpose.
  • Attendants Room
      1. In case the patient has to be shifted to ICU/Post-Surgical transfer to ICU, the ward bed has to be vacated immediately.
      2. For attendants of ICU patients a dedicated attendants rest room is available on the first floor. We have a separate Male and Female attendants room and a dining section. Diet for the attendants will be provided on order from our in-house kitchen. Outside food is not allowed inside hospital premises.
      3. Charges: Stay at attendant’s room would be charged 500/- per attendant per day. We can provide accommodation for 15 male and 10 female attendants with bath and toilet facility. It will be based on first come first serve basis. We encourage a maximum of 2 attendants per patient.
  • Infection Control
      1. Infection Control is of utmost importance in our hospital. We follow stringent control measures.
      2. Visitors and attendants are also advised to wash hands or use hand rub before and after touching the patient.
      3. Flowers, bouquets are not allowed. They may promote infection.
  • Grievances
      1. Floor Managers would be the first point of contact for all your grievances.
      2. Their contact number will be shared at the time of admission to the ward.
      3. The Nursing Supervisor will be the next level of contact.
      4. For any urgent issues at night, our night nursing supervisors and the manager on duty will extend assistance.