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We at Neuro One, are committed to provide state of the art high quality diagnostic services to our patients and referring physicians. Our facilities are equipped with high end, latest generation machines with cutting edge technology. This coupled with the highly qualified team of Doctors, skilled technicians, nurses and supporting staff provide exceptional patient care and services round the clock.

Neuro One has one of the best equipped neuroradiology department – One 1.5T MRI, one CT scan, and state of the art Ultrasound machine, Digital X-ray. The HIS and RIS are fully functional. We are PACS ready.

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    CT Scan

The MAGNETOM EZZENZA – is a 1.5T, latest generation MRI system providing exceptional image quality with shorter imaging time and maximum patient comfort.

  • Shortest magnet design – Avoid claustrophobia – More than 70% exams are head out / feet first exams.
  • Excellent image quality due to high coil density
  • Faster scan than any machine in the industry in this segment.
  • Seamless scan range of up to 140 cm with excellent image quality without patient repositioning.
  • Complete Neuro package – Solution for anything related to Neuro disorders / imaging.
    • CSF Flow quantification
    • Neuro Perfusion
    • DTI
    • BOLD(Functional MRI)
  • Solution for whole body – Capablity to perform all the examinations without any linimations.

The SOMATOM SCOPE – is a 16 slice, CT scanner with tremendous clinical capabilities. It performs high quality CT studies and angiographies at a much lesser radiation doses and contrast volume. It is ideal for performing brain perfusion studies in acute stroke patients; The machine is lightening fast and completes a scan within no time at much lesser radiation dose to the patient.

Pediatric Protocols : a special clinical protocols with 80 or 110 kV selection and a wide range of mAs settings. The X-ray exposure is adapted to the child’s (and small adult’s) weight and age, substantially reducing the effective patient dose. Only system in the city to have this feature.

Syngo Neuro DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) CT is a dedicated post-processing application, which allows the removal of bone structures from CT-Angiography (CTA) data sets for improved visualization of the cerebral vasculature.

Syngo Neuro DSA CT uses an additional non-enhanced CT (NECT) scan with the aim to automatically and quickly remove bone from cerebral CTA data. The algorithm works completely automatically and makes this application easy to use. This improves visualization of vascular structures in the area of the skull base and helps to delineate aneurysms and other vascular diseases.

syngo Osteo CT measures the mineral density of the lumbar spine to help early diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis, and to assess the effectiveness of treatment